Who we are

Mr. and Mrs. O’Connor are a lay couple committed to Roman Catholic evangelization. They took over from company founder Jean-Pierre Dodge as owner-editors, in October 2005.

They are very much involved in the service of the St. Philomena Community, amidst L’Assomption-de-Marie Parish in the Upper Gatineau region, in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Mr. O’Connor is respondent for the St. Philomena Community as well as president of the assembly of L’Assomption-de-Marie Parish.

Mrs. O’Connor leads song for the St. Philomena Community, and, since de pandemic, also for all five of the communities that make up L’Assomption-de-Marie Parish.

Together, they harbour unconditional love for their patron saint, St. Philomena, that is, the very One who lead them to acquire the company, as they had been loyal clients for years, for devotional products linked tot their patroness. Mr. and Mrs. O’Connor were also married in wonderful St. Philomena Church, in Montcerf-Lytton, in June 2009.

Isabelle O’Connor
Ward O’Connor